GEO LOGIQUES consultancy was created in January 2006 by MSS François Montagnon - environmental geoscientist - firstly in order to conceive individual on-site wastewater systems. 

The first months of practice brought excellent feedback from clients facing environmental regulation (property developers, architects, farmers,...). In response to a rapid increase in demand, hydrogeology, stormwater management and bigger sanitation studies became the main area of work.

GEO LOGIQUES is able to provide a high standard of scientific expertise to project management.

References :

GEOPHYSICS : Electrical resistivity campaign for the foundations of a deep building site : CEREM (Centre Régional de la Méditerranée, Marseille France). Client : SEFI INTRAFOR. Project owner : PACA french regional council

VINCI Construction France
STORMWATER MANAGEMENT for a 40 000 m2 project (Etablissement Public d'Insertion de la Défense). Oficial water regulation. Client : VINCI CONSTRUCTION France. Project owner : French Ministries of Defense and Education, Caisse des Dépôts.

HYDROGEOLOGICAL QUANTITATIVE STUDY: City of Gémenos (south of France). Oficial water regulation. Client : Marseille Provence Métropole cities council.

CITY OF EGUILLES (south of France)
STORMWATER MANAGEMENT for the extension of an industrial area. Oficial water regulation. Client and project owner : City of Eguilles.

HYDRAULIQUE PLUVIALE : Project Clos St Jean - Avignon, France
Etude Hydraulique. Client : Kern architects.

Perspectives :

We aim to work in close partenership with clients from the very beginning of a project. As soon as the piece of land is chosen, it is important toquickly take into account its natural features. This will not only improve the economical aspect of the project but also enable foresight into potential environmental regulation constraints.